Our mission is to act as a catalyst to help chemical, energy and other process industry companies liberate value across the enterprise and create sustainable improvement in operating profitability.
Strategic Interface Optimization (SIO)

SIO is a rapid, multi-dimensional process that applies a proven method, structure and discipline to optimize the interfaces between the different areas of your business. These interfaces can be between people, technologies, assets, service functions, markets, and other processes. Each project is customized to meet a pre-defined strategic outcome, and unlocks the door to significant new opportunities to improve financial performance. (click here for more info on SIO)

Energy Interface Optimization (EIO)

EIO is a subset of SIO that focuses on optimizing the interface between energy and process systems at a manufacturing location. EIO combines our experienced people with your team to create better energy and process projects that have a higher rate of return than your existing list of solutions to optimize your plant. And we do it quickly. (click here for more info on EIO)

5DN SIO/EIO Post-Session Support Services

Some solutions are easier to implement and can be completed quickly. In fact, some ideas are executed on during the Field Sessions. Other implementations are more complex and require interaction between departments, regulatory agencies, and other service providers. 5DN can assist your business with implementation based on your needs.

After any SIO work session, there is a period when some solutions may need refinement, additional exploration and preparation before they can be implemented. In our Post-Session Support Service 5DN Task Force, we employ a task force approach to provide our customers with leadership, coordination, communication, focus, and an execution timeline for the your team.

If needed, we can also supply 5DN Implementation Support. This service can range from project management support to managing outsourced service providers for our customers in support of swift, successful implementation.

Special Projects

Since we have a proven capability to help our clients make better, more profitable decisions, they end up asking us to work on a variety of special projects. If we can jointly define your desired outcome and we are confident we can achieve it then we will respond with a customized proposal that meets your needs. (click here for more info on Special Projects)

Strategic Interface Optimization (SIO)

All of our lives, we are trained to break down complex processes into manageable chunks. We do the same in businesses by subdividing the enterprise into departments, process areas, business units, etc. This leads to local specialization, which does have benefits, but also creates limitations in terms of achieving integrated, enterprise-wide optimization. It is possible that optimizing an individual subprocess comes at the expense of the enterprise. For example, we often measure people’s performance by metrics that they control (their own P&L) that might prevent beneficial collaboration across the value chain.

We work with your team to identify and assess the strategic interfaces in your business, then help you synchronize and align these interfaces with respect to strategy, business and market needs, resources, and time to maximize results.

7 Key Benefits of SIO
  1. Creates a framework that cultivates synergies between business, operational and technical components, and leverages a view brought in from the outside by 5DN.
  2. Creates the environment where innovation leads to results.
  3. Provides a bridge linking strategy and operations, and creates a feedback loop from the shop floor to the corner office
  4. Can lead to global optimization across multiple sites and business units
  5. Empowers your people with a new way of thinking that will continuously generate new ideas, and creates a beneficial cultural shift in your organization
  6. Solutions are typically worth millions of dollars and many do not require any capital to implement
  7. It is the perfect platform for launching a cultural change towards enterprise collaboration
4 key ingredients required for SIO to work
  1. Management commitment to focus on strategic interfaces and willingness to support the changes identified by their team
  2. Use a rigorous non-biased, data driven approach in combination with team experience (client and 5DN) to develop new strategies and solutions
  3. Use the concepts of synchronization and alignment as primary tools to optimize interfaces
  4. Desire to create results quickly and support the discipline to compress schedules to achieve the SIO outcome
SIO can generate significant gains in virtually every situation. However, there are several specific cases when the results can be extraordinary.
  1. Very aggressive goals for growth, throughput improvement, or cost-savings
  2. Considering acquiring or just acquired a new plant or entire business
  3. Plant processes are highly complex and very resource intensive
  4. Considering or just entered into a strategic alliance or joint venture
  5. Want to streamline portfolio and optimize the net revenue of divestitures
  6. Need to bring new products to market faster
  7. New management team in place at your company and/or plant
  8. Want to leverage R&D pipeline and develop new markets for products
  9. Planning to or have implemented a re-organization
  10. Developing/implementing a major new business strategy
Energy Interface Optimization (EIO)

We know that you've already spent time coming up with ideas to save energy and make process improvements. After all, that's one of your responsibilities – continuous improvement. But we've found that there are several challenges that keep every plant from creating the best, most profitable solutions that optimize energy and process systems. EIO is a proven way to overcome these challenges.

Expected Outcome
  • Minimum of 10% energy savings with less than a 2 year payback
  • Equivalent dollar amount of savings in process areas (increased throughput, yields, quality, procurement savings) and usually much more $$
  • 1/10th of the total savings will be non-capital and make 5DN EIO project self-funding
  • All solutions documented, qualified and quantified with economics and risk
10 Benefits of EIO
  1. Easily integrates with existing corporate improvement programs (6 sigma, Lean, etc)
  2. No cost & low cost solutions can be implemented immediately
  3. New projects will be identified faster & implemented more effectively than before
  4. Existing project ideas will be improved – sometimes increasing IRR by over 200%
  5. EIO Process will "breed" new thinking among staff to create better solutions even after 5DN EIO session
  6. Your team will have a sense of ownership for these solutions – not just a list of consultant ideas
  7. Work done in "bursts" produces results in minimum time and reduces resource requirement of your people
  8. You will have a road map that facilitates a realistic implementation plan
  9. Results provide platform to support your strategic goals
  10. EIO improves your competitive position

Special Projects
  • Portfolio expansion/contraction activities
  • Mergers and acquisitions/due diligence
  • Environmental issue and opportunities
  • Supplier contract negotiations
  • Build or buy scenario analysis
  • Infrastructure reliability and availability scenarios
  • Cogeneration system analysis
  • Technology optimization initiatives
  • Feedstock procurement requirements

5 Degrees North has successfully helped companies (small and large) reshape their future and reset their business goals using its proven bi-directional (shop floor to corner office and back to shop floor) approach.