Our mission is to act as a catalyst to help chemical, energy and other process industry companies liberate value across the enterprise and create sustainable improvement in operating profitability.

Our approach is based on years of experience working with complex business models and leading world-wide companies.

While each engagement is customized to meet your needs, we follow a 3-step methodology to achieve your goals.
  1. Needs assessment and proposal
    5DN meets with your organization to understand your challenges and desired outcome. Once we fully comprehend your situation and agree with your outcome, we create a customized proposal for consideration.
  2. Work Session Preparation
    Every engagement has a preparation phase that typically takes about 1 month. The product of this effort positions our collective teams for success during the onsite work.
  3. SIO Field Sessions
    We collaborate with you in a very specific manner that we have found creates the best results. These sessions are like a reaction and refining process with 5DN acting as a catalyst. Our SIO Field sessions take place at your location in 1 week bursts. This approach maximizes the value of the sessions while respecting time constraints.

5 Degrees North Observations and Beliefs
  • Enterprise-wide, multi-dimensional integration is worth doing and can be a significant competitive differentiaton
  • The concepts of synchronization and alignment can create significant economics, beneficial culture change, enhanced shareholder values, and stronger community partnerships
  • The interfaces between areas of specialization, processes and technologies are typically not optimized and therefore present a great opportunity for the enterprise
  • Hidden assets and opportunities are hard to identify and harvest without a structured method and the right environment.
  • Unique human resources used on an "as needed" basis can magnify results and help create solutions to challenging problems
  • Focus, speed and group support are essential for developing solutions that get implemented
  • Outcome is king
  • Confidentiality is critical